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IMC’s Investment Migration Forum to be Held in Geneva

IMC’s Investment Migration Forum to be Held in Geneva

The Investment Migration Council (IMC) is set to hold their self-titled Investment Migration Forum in Geneva this June. The organization is considered to be the definitive independent body in the investment migration field with offices in Europe, North America, and the Caribbean.

The annual forum is one of the biggest events for the industry and over 50 speakers will be offering various perspectives on the current citizenship by investment market and its relevant challenges. The speakers will be from all positions in the industry, including government officials, CEOs of investment migration firms, academics, law firms, wealth managers, and much more.

A full roster of speakers for the 2018 forum has yet to be released, but it is sure to be full of big names if the previous two events are anything to go by. Past speakers include the likes of St. Lucian Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, Latvian MP and human rights advocate Boriss Cilevičs, and Dr. Andrés Solimano, the president of the International Center for Globalization and Development.

Hosted at the lavish Grand Hotel Kempinski Geneva, the 3-day event will consist of several keynotes and panels discussing some of the most pertinent topics in the investment migration landscape today:

  • Global Mobility, Tax Regimes and Planning Techniques
  • Global Citizenship in the Middle East Families
  • The Importance of Technology in the Due Diligence Process
  • How Strict Capital Controls Threaten Demand for 2nd Passports in China
  • Global Citizenship and the Middle East
  • Immigration to the United States
  • The Growing Market for Citizenship and Residence
  • Practical Consequences of the Drive towards Global Tax Transparency
  • Immigration Landscape Post BREXIT
  • Effective Border Security

The program will of course be broken up with luxurious outings such as steamboat cruise and dinner on Lake Geneva. However, the overall aim is a constructive approach to challenges in the industry and clarifying investment migration’s place in the world’s visas regimes. IMC has laid out a mission statement for the event on their website:

“Our goal is to demonstrate with all clarity that investment migration when organised at a top-notch level is overwhelmingly beneficial for the individual, government and the consultant. During the event organised by the IMC we will be underlining the quality of the people we are dealing with, which uniquely position them in the best possible way to make important contributions. Clearly distinguishing investment migration from other kinds of migration, which are frequently associated with economic tensions and even potential radicalisation of the host societies, if not cultural tensions and intolerance.”

There are three registration categories available on the forum website: non-members, IMC members, and special guests. The event will be held from June 4-6, but the time to register is now. There is a limited number of spots, and they are sure to be filled many weeks out from the event.

If you’re interested in attending Investment Migration Forum 2018, don’t hesitate to visit IMC’s event site here.


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